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  SAVATRONIC® - LiFYCY(TP) High flexible, twisted pair, copper screen braidy
  Conductor   Superfine wire
  Insulation   special PVC
  Core code   DIN 47100
  Stranding   cores twisted to pairs
      pairs twisted in layers
  Screen   tinned copper braiding
  Sheath material   special PVC
  Sheath colour   gray (RAL 7032)
  Technical data    
  Peak opreating voltage   150V
  Testing voltage   800V
  Min bending radius   7.5 x 0.d
  Temperature range   -30°C to +70°C
  Capacitance   c/c 80nF/km
      c/s 120nF/km
  Coupling   300PF/100m
  Fire performence   Flame-retandant
      acc. to VDE 0482
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