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  SAVATRONIC® - Li2YCY PiMF   Low capacitance data transmission cable
  Conductor   bare copper strands
  Insulation   PE(polyethylene)
  Core code   with reference to DIN 47100
  Stranding   2core tiwsted to pairs
  Pair screen   plastic coated metal foil and dopper
      drain wire
  Wrapping   plastic foil
  Screen   braid dopper wire
  Sheath   PVC, DIN VDE 0207 part5
  Sheath colour   grey(RAl 7032)
  Technical data    
  Peak operating voltage   250V
  Testing voltage   C/C : 2000V
      C/S: 1000V
  Min. bending radius   10 x d
  Radiation resistance   8 x 107 cJ/kg
  Impedance   0.22mm² approx. 80 Ohm
      0.34mm² approx. 85 Ohm
      0.5mm² approx. 80 Ohm
      1.0mm² apporx. 75 Ohm
  Capacitance   0.22mm² max. 70 nF/km
      0.34mm² max. 70 nF/km
      0.5mm² max. 75 nF/km
      1.0mm² max. 85 nF/km
      at 800Hz
  Inductance   approx. 0.4mH/Km
  Temperature range   -30°C to +70°C
  Fire performance   IEC 60 332-1
  Outstanding features    
  Very good EMC    
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