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  SAVATRONIC® - RD-Y(ST)Y / RD-Y(ST)Yv Process control cable
  Conductor   Bare copper stranded wire
      (7 x 0.3mm)
  Insulation   PVC
  Stranding   Cores twisted in pairs
      4pair stranded to a unit
  Screen   aluminium foil and drain-wire
      0.5mm² [(7 x 0.3mm)
  Sheath material   PVC
  Sheath color   gray or blue
  Technical data    
  Peak operating voltage   250V
  Testing voltage   c/c 2000V
  Min. bending radius   7.5 x 0.d
  Temperature range   -40°C to +70°C
  Capacitance   at 800HZ : < = 100nF/km
  Inductance   max. 0.65mH/km
  Impedance   at 1KHZ 370 Ohm
      at 10KHZ 130 Ohm
  Attenuation   at 1KHZ 1.2dB/km
      at 10KHZ 3.0dB/km
  Fire performence   Flame retardant and self - exting-hishing
      IED 60332-1
  Outstanding features    
  Type Yv with reinforead outer sheath
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