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  SAVACRANE® - NSHTOU PUR   Drum reeling cable 0.6/1kv
  Conductor   tinned copper wire VDE 0295 class5
  Insulation   TPE
  Core code   up to 5core: color VDE0293
      7 and more: black cores with white number
  Anti torsion braid   textile meshed fabric
  Stranding   twisted in short lay
  Sheath   special pur
  Sheath color   on request
  Technical data    
  Nominal voltage   Uo/U 600/1000V
  Testing voltage   3000V
  Min. bending radius   5 x d(O.D < 21.5mm)
      6.25 x d(O.D >21.5mm)
  Temperature range   flexing : -25°C to +80°C
      static : -45°C to +80°C
  Fire performance   IEC 60332-1
  Dynamic peak tensile stress   25N/mm²
  Outstanding features    
  For drum reeling    
  hoist, conveyor, drum reeling, transportation system, powe chai
  in door, outer door application    
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