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  PVC Lift Cable - Lift control cable with sisal cord as suspension unit
  Conductor   bare copper strands,
      fine wires acc. to DIN VDE 2095 class 6,
      table 4, column 3
  Insulation   PVC Compound
  Core code   black cores with consecutive nubers
      and green-yellow earth wire
  Strain relief   sisal cord
  Stranding   sisal cord as core, optimized twisting
      of the conductors in layers
  Wrapping   netting tape on each layer
      with overlap wrapping
  Supporting braid   special torsion protedting net
  Sheath material   special PVC
  Sheath colour   black (RAL 9005)
  Technical data    
  Nominal voltage   Uo/U 300/500V
  Testing voltage   conductor/conductor 2000V
  Min. bending radius   15 x d
  Temperature range    
  fixed laying   - 5°C+ 50°C
  flexible application   -40°C + 70°C
  Fire performance   flame-retardant
  Suspended height   up to 80m
  Product advantages    
  long service life    
  elevated econnmic efficiency    
  flam retardant    
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