connecting cable solutions  
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  Conductor   bare copper class 6 (DIN VDE 0295)
  Insulation   TPM :
  Core code   black core with number VDE0293
  Stranding   specially adjusted layering with non
      woven tar
  Screen   tinned copper braid
  Sheath   PUR
  Sheath colour   grey
  Technical data    
  Nominal voltage   VDE UL
up to 1 mm²
  300 / 500 V 300 V
from 1.5 mm²
  600 / 1000 V 1000 V
  Testing voltage   2500V
  Min. bending radius   4 x d
  Temperature range   -20°C to+80°C
  Fire performance   IEC 60 332-1
  Oil resistance   very good
  Chem. resistance   good against acid,alkalines, solvents
  Weather resistance   very good
  Absence of harmfull substances   acc to Rous-guideline 2002/95/EG
      as well as Gefstoffv appendix IV-no.24
  Tension in N   Dynamic 20N/mm²
      static 50N/mm²
  UV resistance   very good
  max. admissable acceleration   20 m/sec²
  Outstanding features    
  VDE (300/500)    
  UL (300v) style 20317    
  core style 10493    
  sheath style 20234    
  travel >10m is possible    
  Halogen free    
  good EMC characteristics    
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