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  H07RN-F extreme flexibility for power transmission and mobile service
  Conductor   Bard flexible copper
  Insulation   rubber E14(HD308)
  Core code   up to 5core : VDE0293
      more than 7core : black with white number
  Sheath   thermosetting rubber type EM2
  Sheath colour   black
  Technical data    
  Nominal voltage   450/750
  Testing voltage   2500V
  Min. bending radius   6 ~ 8 x D
  Temperature range   -25°C to +80°C
  Fire performance   IEC 60 332-1
  Oil resistance   excellent
  Chem. resistance   excellent
  Weather resistance out door use   excellent
  Special versions available on request
  Screened with copper braid or metal film
  armoured with steel plait, wire or tape
  with outer sheath colour to buyer's order
  with double sheath and cloth lining for particularly severe working conditions.
  Outstanding features    
  Rubber sheath    
  Worldwide with HAR standard    
  H05RR-F / H05RN-F    
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